I am an 18 year old high school student based out of Northeastern Ohio. I have played the Pokemon TCG for around 7 years, and have been playing CSGO for about 3. As a Pokemon player I have achieved a Top 16 finish at Fort Wayne Regionals 2016 as well as several top placings at League cups around the area. I haven’t really been competitive until this year, but now I consider myself a threat to any tournament I attend, although still not to the degree I’d like.

As a CSGO player I have played on a fun team with friends before. I consider myself a shoutcaster in CSGO more than anything, and I participated in the first edition of the ECS Community Caster Challenge, netting myself a host on the organizer’s (FaceIt TV) official twitch page and earning over 1,000 viewers at a time on the first occasion, with 500 on the second. I have always enjoyed analyzing the game and its strategies.

I am a two-sport Varsity athlete, playing on both high school’s varsity soccer team and tennis team. I enjoy playing Rocket League, Undertale, and Kingdom Hearts in addition to Pokemon and CSGO.

I plan on attending college next year and am debating pursuing a journalism minor. This page serves as a sort of trial for me, so please provide feedback!